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Recommended websites:

Maria Mind Body Health ~ Maria Emmerich is very knowledgeable and offers many services, especially if you are looking to heal your body. She is has a separate website for individualized focus – Keto Adapted. You can access it from the given website. I own several of her cookbooks which offer more than just recipes – she adds health information along with recipes. That’s my kind of cooking!

Livin’ La Vida Low Carb ~ I challenge you to internet search low carb and keto not have Jimmy Moore’s name come up. He is an activist for expanding knowledge on the benefits of low carb living. His story is inspirational. I own his book Keto Clarity which has a wealth of information to learn exactly what ketosis is and the benefits of a keto lifestyle. You will find a link to it in my Amazon store on my Faves page.

Mark’s Daily Apple ~ Mark Sisson is all about Primal Living and changing people’s lives for the better. Talk about inspiring – check it out!

DJ Foodie ~ If you want to get started cookin’, this is the man to follow. I own his book Taking Out the Carbage (out of stock on Amazon or it would definitely be in my store!) and it is a cooking know how & recipe powerhouse!

Ruled Me ~ Now this is the place to go for a Keto Community. Craig Clarke has some very valuable input and his website is very easy to navigate. Enough said!

All Day I Dream About Food ~ I hardly ever baked until I started my low carb lifestyle. I found Carolyn Ketchum’s beautiful and tasty website. I have lost count of how many of her recipes I have made. Although, I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them.  I check out her website daily.

I Breathe I’m Hungry ~ What can I say? My first food post was one of Melissa Sevigny’s recipes. She creates many tasty foods and even has a guide (along with recipes & shopping list) for when you need to blast through a weight loss plateau. I absolutely love her site.

Low-Carb Scams ~ Deborah Krueger is my hero. She keeps her diabetes under control through her diet. She has completely adapted to Low Carb Living. She lets nothing stop her from enjoying the foods she wants – you have to see how she has managed to re-create Naan Flatbread. She also is the first to research and point out all the low carb junk you find out in the market. By taking it upon herself to have “low carb” food products independently tested to see if they are what they say they are, she has proven to be a Low Carb Watchdog – hence her website name.

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