Hi! My name is Kim. I am an older parent to two younger children thanks to modern medicine. I have a loving, supportive husband, Steve. We have a stinky Boston Terrier, Holly, whom our family loves dearly. (Our 2 year old, especially, much to Holly’s chagrin!)

I am currently a stay at home mom. Just a heads up, I am not dedicating my blog to perfectionism in that arena (or any arena for that matter). I constantly question whether I am doing this stay at home gig properly. Actually, I’m not a particularly accomplished homemaker. While I do love a clean home (which is a rare and short-lived thing once it happens). I look at it as an exercise in futility. So I keep the areas clean that absolutely require it (kitchen, bathroom, & all aspects of laundry) and get to the rest when I get to it. Usually it begins after huffing and puffing running around looking for something someone needs and having just stepped on the 1000th Lego barefoot (the pain coupled with the defeat of an unsuccessful hunt along with a few choice and colorful words), I begrudgingly clean with a fury. Or – I dig around in the budget to hire professionals for the job. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it. I truly envy homemakers who lurv all aspects of cleaning, organizing, etc. AND are successful at it. It’s a gift and talent. A gift that is lost on this lady. However, I do enjoy many things that have to do with using my hands. Which makes me lucky, as many of those things happen to fall into the homemaking arena. Also when something piques my curiosity, I love researching, learning about the subject, and, when the situation presents itself, share what I have learned & am learning. Hence starting my blog to join in fellowship with others who might share this same interest.

I forgot to add probably the most important piece… why…

I have been battling with my weight for at least 15 years.It’s a continual battle. A close friend introduced me to Atkins about 5 years ago. Through trial and error, it has turned into (for the most part) a low carb/ketogenic lifestyle. Which has resulted in dropping 5 pant sizes ~ Yea!!! But, it is a lifestyle change, my friends ~ Boo!!! That is a cold, hard fact ~ sigh.

As a result, I read books, blogs, websites, follow bloggers – EVERYTHING – that has to do with a low carb/ketogenic lifestyle. I have fallen off the wagon and gotten back on several times. I have recently been meandering around on my own two feet that has resulted in creeping up 2 pant sizes. I don’t want the weight gain to get to get out of control again and all of my hard work go down the tubes. Climbing back onto the wagon…

So, here I am getting back on track and wanting to use my blog as a vehicle to have some extra accountability by sharing my journey with you. If you happen to be: curious about; interested in learning more about; or looking for inspiration with regards to a low carb lifestyle, you are welcome to join me. I will share any tips, knowledge, recipes, links and/or media to where I gained said knowledge, etc.. If you are looking for a good laugh (or cry depending upon the day) and want to lose and/or maintain weight, I am here for you. Let my successes help you accomplish your successes and my failures help you accomplish your successes, as well!

Care to join me? Good! Let’s get started! Even better – Let’s EAT!