Week Four Stats…

So, my month back on low carb has been quite the roller coaster. My weight has gone down and up but is now right where I started! However, my body (girth) is slowly going down. It is quite strange; but, I’ll take it.

I could be more regimented with my diet as far as keeping up with my macros daily. Let’s face it. It’s exhausting. I get so sick of trying to work out figures and math in my head for keeping In the Keto Zone. I have been having a hand at trying to get back in touch with my body intuitively. Actually listening and looking for my hunger/sated signs. I have been so out of touch with that part of my eating which, obviously, has resulted in some serious weight issues (for me). It’s a slow process but a healthier, less obsessive process – actually paying attention to what your body is naturally communicating. I’m having a go at getting back in tune with my body cues. I’m still watching my macros during the week. I’m going to be mindful on the weekends but no counting. I still have not deviated from the types of food that I should eat and still do not plan to.

Enough of that, though. So, here are my Before & Afters and Stats.

Second W&M

As you can read, my weight is the exact same as when I started. Here are my measurement differences:

  • Neck   3/4 inch Loss
  • Left Upper Arm   1/2 inch Loss
  • Right Upper Arm   1/2 inch Loss
  • Left Forearm   1/4 inch Loss
  • Right Forearm   5/8 inch Loss
  • Chest   7/8 inch Loss
  • Band   1 1/4 inch Loss
  • Waist   1 5/8 inch Loss
  • Pooch   1 1/4 inch Loss
  • Upper Hip   3/4 inch Loss
  • Lower Hip   1 1/4 inch Loss
  • Left Thigh   7/8 inch Loss
  • Right Thigh   3/4 inch Loss
  • Left Calf   1/4 inch Loss
  • Right Calf   1/4 inch Loss

My Grand Total inches loss to date is: 11 1/8 inch Loss.

All in all not too shabby with no actualy change in the scale.

Later this week, I’ll post about Intermittent Fasting, a couple of recipes, and whatever else floats my boat.

Until then…


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