It finally happened! I’m full…

I cannot even believe it! It only took a lifetime supply of eggs, cheese, and fat; but, it happened! Okay – so, I’m prone to exaggeration. I might have paid a heavy price for finally being sated. I say that because I might be the only person to go on an Egg Fast and gain weight! I have to laugh. What choice do I have? Cry? Give up? No way! Live, learn, and move on!

I celebrated on Saturday by not counting my carbohydrates – which might be the culprit. I didn’t eat anything that I (obviously) should not have. However, I ate until I was full; so, who knows how many calories that could have been! Yesterday (Sunday), I hardly had any appetite. Granted – I had a killer headache that had me down for the first half of the day. Even so, once I felt normal, I only ate about 1100 calories for the day. THAT is a rare moment, folks. When I woke up this morning – still not much appetite. Hmmm…

Before I get to my stats, I want to add that I still have my neverending cycle going on – bleah. I see a new doc today about it and hope to have a hormonal gameplan within this next month. Hopefully, that will help with my metabolic resistance.

My current gameplan? Keep on keepin’ on. Even with my setbacks, I feel pretty, darn good. I have been having great workouts in the gym. I am almost back to where I was when I was lifting regularly a few months back. My husband gave me some new lifting routines to add into my current regimen. Which is really helping with my upper body strengh (where I lack most). He even commented that I look like I lost weight. He’s a smart man, that Steven. He only comments when I am looking better – never about weight gain. His silence says it all. Why add salt, right?

So, now to my current stats – sigh.

  • Weight: 154.6 ~ 2.6 lb Gain
  • Neck:  12″ ~ 1/8″ Loss
  • Arms: 11.5″ ~ same
  • Left Forearm:  9.25″ ~ 1/4″ Gain
  • Chest: 38.5″ ~ 3/8″ Gain
  • Band: 31.5″ ~ same
  • Waist: 31″ ~ same
  • Pooch: 38.5″ ~ 1/2″ Gain
  • Upper Hip: 39.25″ ~ 1/8″ Loss
  • Lower Hip: 40.75″ ~ 3/8″ Loss
  • Left Thigh: 23 3/8″ ~ 1/8″ Loss (Right – same)
  • Left & Right Calves: 1/8″ Gain

So, to sum it up:

  • 2.6 pound Gain
  • 1 1/4″ Girth Gain (Left forearm, Chest, Pooch, and Both Calves)
  • 6/8″ Girth Loss (Neck, Upper and Lower Hips, and Left Thigh)

I really think (hope) that my weight gain is due to my current hormone issues. The fact that my Chest & Pooch are mostly affected is what leads me to this conclusion. I am not concerned about my left forearm and calves. My weight training is probably the culprit; and, frankly, I am not concerned.

Let’s look at where I saw girth loss. My neck (which I honestly did not think it needed it), my upper and lower hips – HOORAY!, and my left thigh – HOORAY! All in all, I am not all that concerned with my weight gain. I believe it is a temporary set back and will straighten itself out over the next few months. So, I will keep plodding along. Though, I will be tweaking my eating due to some patterns I noticed while inhaling eggs for 5 days straight. I will share that tomorrow.

Unti then…



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