the Fast and the Curious…

If you were to do an internet search on what to do when your weight loss stalls on a low carb diet, you would find two plans that pop up predominantly – a Fat Fast or an Egg Fast. What the what?! Before I get into both of the Fasts mentioned, let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, there was a woman that pretty effortlessly lost 20 pounds after switching to a low carbohydrate diet. She was thrilled until her weight loss stalled. No matter how much she counted & cut back carbs, amped up her fats, moderated her protein – the weight wouldn’t budge (including her clothes size). She tried the Fat Fast and couldn’t get through one day without blowing it. The Egg Fast didn’t appeal to her. Then, her friend (ahem – Tiffany Taft) introduced her to Ideal Protein. By the way, Tiffany lost 30 pounds on Ideal Protein and, as a result, became a very successful sales consultant for the company.

After explaining how Ideal Protein works, this woman sat on it for a while because she just wasn’t mentally there. Then, she got there and started the Ideal Protein protocol. She lost 25 more pounds and dropped from pushing maximum capacity in size 12’s to a size 6. Of course, this woman was/is me. I was guaranteed fast results and I got them. I think it took a total of 10 weeks, with my greatest girth drop the last 3-4 weeks. I was thrilled but boy was I looking forward to my normal low carb eating for maintenance. I did maintain it – until I didn’t. Once I started amping up my carbohydrates, BOOM – up two pant sizes and here I am.

Ideal Protein is a doctor supervised weight loss program; and it is a ketogenic diet plan. The main differences are that the IP Protocol allows for 8 oz of specific protein sources a day, their Ideal Protein Food supplements 3 times a day, specific vegetables, a specific amount & source of daily fat intake, and their vitamin & mineral supplements. It basically is a caloried restricted, low fat, moderate protein, low carb, ketogenic diet. I had great success with it and would encourage anyone looking for a physician supervised diet with fast results to check it out. I would do it again and will if I stall out with building frustration. I am nowhere near there, yet. So, I am sticking to my current plan. (AKA – I want to eat fat)

Now, what is a Fat Fast? It is just like its name suggests – a fast where you predominantly eat fat for anywhere from 2-5 days in order to push your body to release fat, so to speak. Sounds absolutely bizarre, right? 80-90% of your calories come from fat with very minimal carbohydrates and protein. You only consume 1000 to 1200 calories a day of dietary fat broken into 4-5 small feedings. It is not meant for long term and is intended for people that are particularly metabollically resistant and/or experiencing a 2 week stall or more with their weight loss. As you know, I am constantly hungry. Adhering to that many calories in little, tiny feedings of fat – yeah well – never made it through a single day.

Then, there is the Egg Fast. Guess what – SURPRISE – you eat eggs. I don’t think you are limited to the number of eggs eaten in a day. I have read that you must consume at least 6 eggs a day. For every one egg you eat, there must be a serving of fat (butter, mayonaise, sauce with those ingredients or made with eggs) with the egg. You can add up to one ounce of cheese (cream cheese or hard cheeses) per egg consumed. Try to eat an egg every 3 hours and go no more than 5 hours between eating. Stop eating 3 hours before bed time. Not too bad.

If you research Egg Fast Recipes, you would be surprised how many options there are to cooking your eggs using the fat and cheese guidelines. It is quite amazing. I am going to try it this week. If it can start the loss of a few extra pounds (plus give me the chance to slowly introduce the foods I was eating in order to pinpoint a possible food culprit holding me back), I am all for it. I have a feeling that I will not want to consume eggs for a while after this fast, though. We’ll see.

Are you interested in learning more about the Egg Fast and all the food options? Here is a link to Lisa MarcAurele’s website Low Carb Yum. She has taken the time to go over the whole rundown and provide links to some of the most popular (and tasty) Egg Fast recipes out in the internet world. I have already tried her Cloud Bread Cheese Danish. They were good. I think they tasted better after they sat for a while rather than straight out of the oven. I will be whipping these up again (with some tweaks to suit my preferences).


There is half the batch fresh out of the oven. I might make these for regular Keto with a dab of Nature’s Hollow Mountain Berry Preserves – nom nom nom.

So, that’s all for today. I’ll post more Eggcipes during the week. Fingers crossed this works for me!

Later tater…


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