Week 2 Weigh & Measure…

So, check out these “amazing” stats! I have lost a whopping .4 pounds! That is correct. “Point Four Pounds” – ugh. Before you go off and leave my miniscule blog forever, hear me out. I still have to report my inches lost.

  • Neck:  1/4″ loss
  • Left and Right Upper Arms: 1/2″ loss each
  • Left and Right Forearms: L: 1/2″ R: 1/8″ loss
  • Chest: No loss
  • Band: 1/2″ loss
  • Waist: 5/8″ loss
  • Pooch: 1 1/4″ loss
  • Upper hip: 5/8″ loss
  • Lower hip: 1/4″ loss
  • Right thigh: 1/4″ loss (nothing on the left)

I remember writing some nonsense in one of my earlier posts saying that “I am more than just a number”. Bah- what a joke! I am joking, actually. Even with the less than stellar weight loss to report, my girth is shrinking. I have lost 5 3/8 inches all over. How can that happen? My body composition is starting the shift. Though the numbers do not show on the scale, my clothes will start telling the tale. There is my silver lining.

I have been regularly going to the gym and weight training relatively hard (I could always push myself more). Though, that comes with a price. I am still constantly hungry. Working out does nothing but increase my hunger. I feel great – but ravenous. I have never understood how it curbs other people’s appetites – not mine. So, it has been very hard for me to watch my caloric intake.

I am thinking (Men – skip over this part) that my neverending menstrual cycle is part of my scale numbers hold up, as well. I am going on Day 16 of this ridiculousness. I am going to see my doc soon for my annual exam including all the normal hormone testing, etc.. My new doc also practices Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and I am hoping (and praying) that she has some safe solutions for me. ‘Cause I am sick of this stuff. I’d rather just be done with it all and face the next chapters in my life!

Enough of that rant. My next post will be about what your options are when you Hit a Stall. Though, I really think of this as more of hitting a wall. It happens to most everyone. Whether you are nearing your weight loss goal, reached a set point in your weight, or eating foods that are hindering your weight loss – whatever! It is frustrating and can lead to giving up. DO NOT DO IT! Remember, losing weight is not a natural process. You do not spontaneously lose weight unless you are ill or are changing your eating habits. Your body looks at it as a bad thing and wants to hold onto everything. You have to swtich things up at times to trick into giving up the goods (or in this case, the bads).

So, until then…



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