Coke addict…

I will admit it. I am addicted to Coke – Zero that is. In fact, I love sodas, cola, pop, or (here in Georgia) CoCola. My grandfather worked for and retired from Pepsi Cola when I was growing up. As a result, we always had soda readily available to consume in our home, my grandparents home, aunts and uncles homes, you see where I am going. In fact, my love for all things soda was such that I would receive a crate of multi-colored, assorted flavors of sodas in little, chubby 8 oz. glass bottles for Christmas every year from this unique bottle shop that used to be in Toco Hills in Atlanta. I would squeal with delight to be able to have options of key lime, tangerine, raspberry, or sunny lemon to name a few. They looked so perfectly appetizing with their bright, jeweled colored liquids holding unique and varying flavors that were not of the normal fare I regularly had. I was addicted. Sadly, or perhaps luckily, the bottle shop closed some time in the l980’s.

It wasn’t until I started having weight problems in my late 20’s that I switched over to diet versions. Once I tried Coke Zero, I was hooked. I know sodas are not good for you, even in diet form. It doesn’t matter. I love the feel of the effervescent tingle when you take your first sip. There is nothing like it.

Now that I am fully engaged to my Keto diet, I have to really watch my intake of the Big No No’s -diet sodas. Water (as usual) is the preferred beverage of choice. Aside from keeping you hydrated, it is particularly important when low carbing due to the fact that the diet itself is relatively diuretic, especially at the beginning. There is no bloating on a ketogenic diet unless you have taken in more carbohydrates without realizing it, gave into temptations aka a Cheat Day, or are constipated. (If you go to the link above, scroll down to Myth #10) As a result – HOORAY – no need to fear the salt. Salt is also back on the table. Our bodies need electrolytes (salt included) in order to carry out electrical impulses that control many of our bodies functions. When starting on a ketogenic diet, you are rapidly depleting your sodium (electrolyte stores) through urination. So, it is important to make sure that you are replenishing those stores. (Not to mention, it helps alleviate the temporary headaches that are related to going into ketosis for first-timers or back on the wagoners, like myself)

If you are incorporating an exercise routine with your dietary changes, it is really important to make sure you are replenishing your electrolyte depletion. So, I like to make my own “soda”. It gives me the fizz that I miss, but has none of the added sugars which you find in commercial replenishers. You know the ones – all the ADES out there.

I am currently on a Cream Soda kick. This is an extremely versatile drink base. You can flavor it any way  you prefer. This supplemental beverage has done wonders for curbing my Coke Z withdrawals. As a matter of fact, I didn’t really enjoy the taste of my Coke Z the last time I had a glass. I only drank about 5 sips before throwing it out. Hmmm – there might be hope for me yet. (Also, I have not had a single beginner’s ketosis headache which might be attributed to enjoying a couple of these drinks a day) Introducing…

~ LYTE Cream Soda ~


  • 16 – 24oz Beverage Cup
  • Plain Sparkling Water, Seltzer, or Club Soda
  • 20 Drops of Drinkwell Lyte Show
  • 1/8 tsp **Butterscotch Extract**
  • 5 -10 drops of Sweet Leaf Vanilla Flavor Liquid Stevia (You can substitute 1/8 tsp of vanilla extract in lieu of the flavored stevia)
  • 2-4 drops Nu Sweet to taste (or any no calorie liquid (preferred) sweetener of choice, if using packet or granular sweetener, if might not dissolve in a cold prepared beverage or you can use all Vanilla Flavor Stevia) you might need a few more drops of sweetener if using vanilla extract
  • Ice to preference, if needed

** I have not had success finding Butterscotch Extract in my local markets and have resorted to purchasing online. The problem with the vast majority of Butterscotch Extracts (especially the natural ones) is they contain sugar. I used to purchase one that I liked tremendously from Frontier. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find it. I am now using my back up Butterscotch LorAnn Flavoring Oil. **

  1.  Add ice (if using) to your cup (I use a 20 oz double insulated thermos from Klean Kanteen)
  2. Add all of your Drops (Drinkwell Lyte Show, Butterscotch Extract, Vanilla Stevia, & Nu Sweet or other liquid sweetener of preference)
  3. Pour in your Sparkling Water
  4. Stir & Enjoy (again with most of my recipes, adjust the flavors, sweetness, etc. to your liking – too strong? Drink a few sips and add more Sparkling Water. Easy peasy!)

Calories 0, Fat 0, Carbohydrates, 0, Protein 0

Electrolytes (1 serving of Drinkwell Lyte Show is 40 drops – I have used half): Magnesium 20mg ~ Sodium 62.5mg ~  Zinc 1mg  ~  Chloride 195mg  ~  Potassium 65mg  ~  Sulfate 10mg


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