Okay, so I cheated…

It’s another big moment in MLCJ. I am weighing and measuring after one week on my ketogenic diet. First, I have to admit…

I weighed myself a couple of times during this first week. I know. I broke one of my rules. I really need to keep my scale under lock & key. Then hand the key over to my 2 year old. I would have a hard time prying it from her greedy, little hands. There it is – off my chest. I know you were secretly hoping that I slipped on my diet. Nope. The only slip up was that I got sloppy inputting my macros a couple of days over the weekend and probably over-ate as a result. Not the worst in the world – I do wonder how might today’s numbers would have differed.

So, here they are:

  • 2 lb loss
  • 1% loss Body Fat
  • 1/2″ loss in my neck (who knew?!)
  • Upper Arms (both) no change
  • L Forearm – nothing
  • R Forearm – 1/4″ loss
  • Chest 3/4″ loss
  • Band – nothing
  • Waist – 3/4″ loss
  • Pooch – 3/4″ loss
  • Upper hip – 1/2″ loss
  • Lower hip – 5/8″ loss
  • L Thigh – 3/4″ loss
  • R Thigh – 1/2″ loss
  • Calves (both) – 3/8″ loss (who knew there, as well?!)

Overall, I think that is not too shabby with all things considered. My week in review regarding daily macros & exercise (a few days without proper input – so it will not be accurate).

  • Monday:  1704 calories consumed ~ 72% Fat  20% Protein  8% Carbs  ~  45 minutes weight training
  • Tuesday:  1669 calories consumed ~ 75% Fat  17% Protein  8% Carbs ~ 27 minutes weight training ~ 10 minutes cardio
  • Wednesday:  1390 calories (not all entered) ~ 73% Fat  20% Protein  7% Carbs (what was entered)
  • Thursday:  1108 calories (not all entered) ~ 89% Fat  7% Protein  4% Carbs (what was entered)
  • Friday:  1801 calories consumed ~ 79% Fat  19% Protein 2% Carbs
  • Saturday:  1249 calories (not all entered) ~ 87% Fat  11% Protein  2% Carbs (what was entered) ~ 45 minutes cardio ~ 25 minutes weight training (weight trained early in the morning & then back in the afternoon with my husband for cardio)
  • Sunday:  1690 calories consumed ~ 87% Fat  11% Protein  2% Carbs ~ 50 minutes weight training

As you can see, I went a little awry a few days. I allowed distractions and did not write down or enter my macros in my FatSecret App.

I made it to the gym 4 times last week. I do not spend hours at the gym. I like to get in and get out. When I lift weights, I push myself as hard as I can & lift as much weight as possible and only allow 10 second rest periods between reps. So, I work up a sweat. I do not particularly enjoy cardio. When I feel like adding it in, I take advantage and go as long as I can. Also when I work in my cardio, I’ll either walk as fast as my heart & legs allow on an incline on the treadmill; use the stair stepper; or my current favorite- I don’t know the name. It’s like an elliptical machine but your legs move side to side versus up and down. My cardio usually entails some building on my leg muscles and I set the machines to the proper resistance. I don’t enjoy and do not want to be running like a hamster in a wheel. I do not knock anyone who enjoys running and going really fast. Good for them. I’d rather be on the apparatus for a shorter amount of time with the resistance higher. That’s just how I roll.

So, there you have it. One week down and lifetime to go!

Until tomorrow…




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