Fat, fat, & Crispy Fat…

I am referring to dietary fat…

I am going to talk a little about my macros and some differing opinions on switching to a ketogenic diet. When you are purchasing books and/or researching low carb/ketogenic diets, most of the information points towards the fact that you do not have to count calories. The theory being – once you regulate your blood sugar and ketosis kicks in, you will naturally eat less because the increase in daily dietary fat satisfies you. Perhaps my explanation is oversimplified. I think it gets the point across, though.

Break out the ticker tape, it’s time to eat like carnivorous savages. Not so fast, at least for me. I have already mentioned that I have no stop button when it comes to eating, especially sugar laden items. Of course, it doesn’t stop there for me. If I happen to really like something I am eating, I do not eat until I am full. I eat until I am tired of the taste of it. There have been times when I have eaten until all servings were gone and/or until I felt ill. I obviously need parameters.

When I first start back low carbing, I am ravenous for anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. There are days when I could easily eat 3,000 calories in a day. Guess what. No weight loss for me. Other people may have a different story. I only know from my personal experience. It takes my body a few weeks of being in ketosis that I start to feel sated. That is when I finally start to eat the way people should normally eat. So, I need to watch my caloric intake. If you have this problem  or are not losing weight, I would highly recommend visiting Craig Clarke’s site Ruled.me and look over his information on this subject. Thankfully, there is a Keto Calculator where you can see what your daily macros should be in order to lose weight. (I will give you the good news, it will be a higher caloric intake than what is recommended on  a traditional diet)

My Daily Macros are as follows with a 15% deficit, my lifestyle, and exercise input:

  • 1663 calories
  • 20g net carbohydrates
  • 61g of protein
  • 149g of fat
  • 5% carbohydrate, 15% protein, 80% fat
  • Maintenance Calories are 1957 with exercise (ketogenic diet)

I would say that is hardly starving yourself. Take a look at the percentages. 80% fat is hard to eat daily without overeating protein. You can add extra fat on everything you eat. Fat makes food taste good. However, if you find you are looking for something a little different. Welcome the Fat Bomb.

Do an internet search on fat bombs. There are a ton of recipes out there dedicated to these little culinary fatty bites. Most of the recipes have creamy textures. I get sick of creamy textures very quickly. I love a good crunch. Enters the Crispy Fat Bomb.

Thank you, Maria Emmerich! She has 2 Crispy Fat Bombs recipes that are quite versatile.

Crispy Butterscotch Fat Bombs

Crispy Fat Bombs (chocolate)


Cispy Fat Bombs

You do not have to use Swerve. You can substitute Erythritol for it. You can find it on Amazon (see my store link) and in some grocery stores. I know our local Whole Foods carries erythritol. If using regular erythritol, you might want to add 1 tsp of liquid stevia to ensure the proper amount of sweetness. You can also substitute with Truvia (erythritol & stevia blend) which is found in most grocery stores. Just make sure it measures cup for cup for substituting sugar and it is NOT the baking blend. (the baking blend is half sugar – so, it’s a no no) I ran out of my normal Rodelle Baking Chocolate. I used Hershey’s Baking Cocoa. It was all just fine. Also, this is a time when the food scale comes in handy. The recipes call for 3 Tbsp of coconut oil. I place my bowl on the scale before turning it on and weigh it out in grams. It is considerably easier and more precise than measuring out each tablespoon.

Just as a side note ~ when looking up the recipes, you will notice that the Butterscotch Fat Bombs are photographed in a mini muffin tin to look like candies. If you go that route, you really need to grease the muffin tin well, these fatties stick! I like the look of the larger portions. Therefore, I spread them out in the pan into a large rectangle. I feel like I am getting more.

Tips from my Trial & Error

  • Add the coconut oil first before all the dry ingredients (it makes it easier to mix)
  • To lessen the mess, place the mixing bowl on your parchment covered pan (even if it goes all over the place, nothing goes to waste and there is no extra cleanup)
  • If you can’t seem to get the right texture when mixing in the bowl, pour the mixture on the prepared pan (I then continue using my fork & sometimes my fingers to get the even crumbly consistency)
  • If spreading onto the pan, try to keep the edges from thinning out (they tend to burn if it isn’t even as possible)
  • Her directions calls for 12-15 minutes in the oven. I highly recommend checking after 10 minutes to avoid burning (especially if you spread them thin like I have done)

I love these particular fatties. They are very filling. At four servings a batch, they can be pretty pricey as quality sugar substitutes cost more. However, they are certainly cheaper than buying a low carb nutrition bar. When you take the Butterscotch Fatties out of the oven, you might notice separation of the oil from the rest of the ingredients. I usually take a spatula and swirl the mixture around to evenly disperse the butterscotch flavoring through the coconut oil. After letting them cool, cut them, and store them in the refrigerator. I divide each single serving into my little, BPA-free baggies and have a handy snack on the go. These are great as pre work out fuel.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy them.

Until tomorrow…



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