Survived day one…

Perhaps I am being a little melodramatic. It wasn’t that hard, really. The hardest part was the photographic documentation. But, that is what has strengthened my resolve to make these changes.

I made it to the gym, as well. I think that is the biggest deal in my world. I have been actively yo-yoing working out for 17 years. I’m not sure why. Because, I enjoy lifting weights and always feel great when I go regularly. Also, I love feeling strong. It’s empowering and helps boost my confidence. It must be either laziness, self-sabotage, or procrastination. The more I think about it, I’m pretty sure it’s equally split between all three.

I didn’t do a massive amount at the gym. I just worked one set on each muscle group to fatigue in order to test my strength compared to what it had been when I was going pretty regularly a few months ago. I would say that I was lifting at about 70% capacity. Then, I went back on Day Two to train my legs. It was a pretty decent workout. I managed at about 80%. Apparently,  Muscle Memory is not a fairy tale. That is great news.

The fist time that I ever seriously stepped foot into a gym was in my late 20’s. I had my first session with a personal trainer that I met through work, Lisa Demma. I was working at a Medi-Spa in Atlanta (my actual profession is skin care) and a woman came in to enquire about the services offered. She had the most fantastic figure and wasn’t even wearing anything particularly revealing. How her loose jeans and peasant blouse fell on her physique revealed that she had the goods. I remember a co-worker commenting how she would love to have her figure. I couldn’t deny it. She looked great. Lisa ended up booking a service with me and that was when I found out that she was a personal trainer. We ended up agreeing to barter skin care services for personal training sessions. I had lucked out! Little did I know what I was in for…

Man, was she committed. She wanted her skincare and be damned if she wasn’t going to deliver results! I remember the shock of seeing her sweet, little demeanor vanish right before my eyes the minute I picked up my first weight. She was a monster of a trainer and would have made Hitler proud had she been a Nazi during WWII. She was relentless and all I  wanted to do was escape once my 60 minutes was up. But OH NO, she would extend my torture anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. I would ask (with fingers crossed) if she had a client after me. She always told me that she purposely scheduled in extra time for me. Me and my damned magical hands – she loved her facials with me. They were apparently worth the time for her. Then, her husband wanted to come in for skin care services from me. I had the joy of being tortured an extra day or two a week depending upon when he needed to be accommodated. “Lucky me.”

My point to all of this is that had I not met Lisa, I might not have ever experienced what weight lifting/working out can do for you physically and mentally. I had never known what it meant to feel strong until I met her and been introduced to the gym world. I had truly lucked out; because, she was extremely conscientious. She worked so hard to make sure that my form was spot on and that I understood the whys & hows to properly lift weights. It stuck. To this day, I hear her little Kiwi accented voice telling me how to hold myself when lifting weights. Or, her repeating “Just 10 more, Kim, just 10 more” only to hear that phrase 3 more times during the same rep!!! Monster!

I lost 20 pounds when she was my trainer. I did no cardio and did not change my eating habits. I don’t think that would work for me now that I am in my 40’s and facing the challenges that come with being a woman in this age bracket. However, it gave me a new found respect for all the things a proper diet, weight training, and cardiovascular routine has to offer, other than a lean body. If only I had been on a ketogenic diet at the time. Who knows how I could have metamorphosed due to her maniacal training sessions. Maybe I can find out this time around. Though, I would need a trainer.

Lisa Demma set the bar high. I was sad when she decided to change professions. I ended up working out with her husband. Sadly, it just wasn’t the same – though, highly entertaining. A few years later I met and worked out with another trainer. I liked her tremendously. Naomi, I’m referring to you!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t as committed as I should have been and she has since left the industry. Otherwise, I would be giving her a shout. Based upon my current observations from watching other personal trainers at my gym, I might have a hard time finding someone that meets my expectations. My husband, though not his profession, is certified as a personal trainer. But, I think I might have a hard time having him kick my butt several days a week. Not to mention his crazy work schedule. I guess I’ll keep looking and contemplating. We’ll see. I think I need to jump my current hurdles before moving forward with those plans. It is certainly something to think about.

Until tomorrow…




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