Weight, measures, and a cuppa’ fat…

Day One

I was dying this morning because I had insomnia last night. I had no time to weigh and measure upon awakening as our younger daughter woke up earlier than normal. So, it was off to the races once my feet hit the floor. It wasn’t until after my coffee and getting our older daughter to school that I was able to finally take the time to prep for everything.

I had not taken into consideration all that needed to be done in order to document my progress. I had to settle upon which revealing clothes to photograph myself in today and going forward – ugh. Then, I had to take the dreaded Before photos – double ugh. (Which took a few more minutes longer than expected. I ended up throwing together a makeshift back drop in order to see my body properly in the photos – triple ugh) Then, strip down and get on the scale. Weighing myself was interesting, to say the least. I had to weigh myself 4 times in order to take a decent photo of the numbers! Also, I have a Tanita scale that, pretty accurately, measures your percentage of body fat. So, it was an extra few seconds wait while it calibrated along with a quick snapshot to record. With all of that, my weight never registered in my mind until I looked at the photos! Finally, I had to take and record my measurements. All the while, Baby Girl kept coming over to get on the scale while simultaneously grabbing the measuring tape yelling, “Mine!” It was an eventful “documented drama”. Oh well, life as I know it.

First W&M  522016
I cannot even believe I am sharing this! I hope to be happier with my appearance next month.

Prior to all the fun antics this morning…

I knew, if I was going to have a great Jump Start to getting back on track, there were a few items I needed to make sure that I had enough of to get me through the first 3 days. I figured that was enough given time to either make an Amazon order or run to the store. (If you are curious about some of these products, please visit my Amazon store. The link is on my FAVES page)

  • My Multi-Vitamin (bio-available, easily absorbed, and once daily – thank you, Garden of Life)
  • Drinkwell LyteShow (sugar free and sweetener free electrolyte supplement) You can add it into anything you are ingesting. It helps prevent headaches that are common when your body starts entering ketosis
  • Calcium Magnesium D3 supplement (added D3 helps with absorption of the minerals)
  • Ketone Test Strips (when first “keto adapting” you excrete excess ketones through your urine. Utilizing the test strips give a good indicator of entering and maintaining ketosis, for the short term. As your body adapts to the fuel change about 2-3 months in, it becomes more efficient which results in a decline of excess ketones. Therefore, rendering the test strips ineffective as a means of tracking)
  • MCT Oil – A fat burning metabolism booster that is keto friendly (Concentrated amounts of Caprylic and Capric acids versus Coconut Oil which has all 4 MCTs) It is also tasteless so lends well for salad dressings and supplemental use in foods
  • Coconut Oil – MCT loaded and semi-solid which makes it a great ingredient for making Fat Bombs
  • Grass Fed Butter – another high quality fat source
  • Avocados – I love them. They are the healthiest fruit you can eat. Loaded with good fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals – how can you go wrong?
  • Bacon – Another love of mine and perfectly keto friendly
  • Of course my 4 Little Friends
  • Pad and paper for jotting down foods when in a pinch

To kickstart my Induction, I thought sharing another recipe would be appropriate. This is a nod and farewell to my beloved Almond Joy. It was my liquid breakfast this morning and, of course, is Keto Friendly. Introducing this morning’s Cuppa’ Fat meet…

Choco CoCo Cuppa Jo

Choco CoCo Cuppa Jo
Serves One

  • 10 – 12 oz. ~ Coffee of choice freshly brewed (I used Green Mountain’s Island Coconut Coffee – thank you Kuerig! Flavored coffee is back on the menu in our home)
  • A couple of drops of Almond Extract (looks to be roughly 1/8 tsp)
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil Unrefined or 1 Tbsp MCT Oil
    (I used MCT Oil. If using MCT oil without Coconut Flavored coffee, add  1/4 tsp Coconut Flavoring Extract. If using Coconut Oil and you want to enhance the natural coconut flavor from the oil, add a couple of drops of Coconut Flavoring Extract to taste)
  • 1 Tbsp Butter (I used Kerrygold pastured butter)
  • 1 Tbsp Heavy  Whipping Cream (I use Target’s Market Pantry HWC, it is truly 0 carb)
  • 1 tsp Cocoa Powder (dutched or natural- whatever your preference)
  • 2-4 drops of Nu Sweet (or 2-4 tsp of **Sugar Replacement** of choice)
  • Handheld Immersion Blender, Regular Blender, or Magic Bullet


** A note about Splenda and generic versions. Splenda adds Maltodextrin as a bulking agent. Maltodextrin, while not a sugar, has a Glycemic Index of 130 (table sugar has a Glycemic Index of 65!). It will spike your blood glucose for sure! STAY AWAY from it. If you see Maltodextrin listed in the ingredients in any food you are considering, put it down and look for a better option **

  1. Place Almond Extract, Coconut Oil or MCT Oil, Coconut Flavoring Extract (if using), Butter, HWC, and Cocoa Powder into your preferred mixing vessel
  2. Add freshly brewed coffee
  3. Now blend the heck out of your coffee. You want everything well blended so you don’t have an oil slick – not appetizing
  4. Add sweetener to taste (Add extra extracts, at this point, if you prefer stronger flavors), stir or blend
  5. Pour and enjoy  (If your coffee sits for too long, you might need to blend again in case of oil separation)

Calories 295  ~  Fat  32.39g  ~ Carbohydrates  1.33g  ~ Fiber  0.66g  ~ Net Carbs  0.67g  ~                        ~  Protein  0.69g   ~

So that’s all for today. Until tomorrow…


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