Prep and Taxiing…

Tomorrow is Take Off and I have been making all my preparations to ensure a smooth start  to Induction. I am a little apprehensive about weighing and measuring. Especially, making a photographic record with Before shots. I’m still unsure if I will be posting them here at the start. I know – my blog is in its infancy. Who all is really going to see them? A handful of family and friends. That is a handful too many as far as I am concerned. Now in a month, when I take my Progress photos… that might be a whole other story. I’m taking one day at a time. So, I’ll worry about it tomorrow.

How am I going about climbing back onto the wagon? Here’s the plan. I jump on WITH BOTH FEET FIRST! I might as well fully commit. My goal is to not only improve overall health and shrink my waistline; I’d like to reshape my body, as well. I know my goal will take hard work, time, & commitment AND No Excuses. I have officially put it out into the universe – in writing no doubt! With that said, what I need to do:

  • Stick to the Keto Plan – try to maintain daily macros somewhere around 75:20:5 (Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate)
  • Whole foods, no nuts (first 2 weeks), no diet sodas (a killer for me but necessary), limited caffeine
  • Sweets attack – bring on the fat
  • Weight training  – hardcore (cardio when necessary, but not a priority. Shocking? A Keto Diet is shocking to most people. So, why stop there? Here is why with the weight training)
  • Don’t give in to temptation. Victory feels better than defeat
  • Weekly weighing and measuring – make sure to put all items away until 7 days later PERIOD. No cheat peeks!
  • Keep Keto friendly foods within hands reach at all times

It’s relatively simple (when reading). It’s practical application that is the hard part. But, I am ready.

Off I go to take flight on a journey to better health both physically and mentally…



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