Let’s get this out of the way

I want to start out by stating, I am not an expert on nutrition. Nor am I a physician. Like with anything involving your health, seek professional advice. Especially, if you are battling disease or illness. Then, what are my credentials? I have none. There, I said it.

I have simply started this blog to share my ongoing low carb journey with anyone interested. We all need inspiration. If I can be of help in this arena and share in my successes & failures in order to help someone else succeed with improving their health, I am happy to do it.

Now that is out of the way…

Let’s discuss my photo choices. Funny how as I have gotten older, I shy away from the camera. My shyness has coincided directly with my weight gain and self image. It formed into a habit. I am still very uncomfortable being in front of the camera. Needless to say, finding any recent photos of me is quite a search.

Why did I chose these photos? People love before & afters, myself included – just not my own! I was not quite at the top of my size in the first photo and you would be hard pressed to find one of me during that time. Surprise – no photos of me at my smallest! However, I was pretty darn close in the second photo. I chose pregnancy photos for this reason… to show you the difference in my looks between “eating a well-balanced, healthy, standard diet” during pregnancy one versus watching my carbohydrate intake during pregnancy two. I think there is quite a difference there. I specifically chose photos during similar times in my pregnancies to show a fair comparison.

Yes. I was smaller at the start of my second pregnancy. But only by about 5 pounds! My first pregnancy was difficult in the fact that I gained a little over 20 pounds of water weight from month 8 1/2 to birth! No, I did not have pre-eclampsia. Up until that point, I had gained 26 pounds. I ate a lot of fruits & vegetables, lean protein, kept fats to a minimum, no caffeine, only ate whole grains, and kept obvious sugars to a minimum. I still blew up like a balloon and retained water as if I was a 200 pound sponge! I’m not even going to go into the aftermath. Dealing with the tolls of the extra water weight and the stress it put my body through processing & getting rid of it was extremely rough. I would have taken childbirth, again, over that! In fact, I did! 4 years later.

During my second pregnancy, I ate lots of non-starchy vegetables, all cuts of protein, any saturated fat source that appealed to me, some caffeine (when needed), no grains, and kept all sugar sources (carbohydrates) to a minimum. No complications, absolutely no swelling, and gained 26 pounds during my whole pregnancy. (26 must be my magic number- I’ll explain later) So, you tell me. Is it a coincidence or do you think what is considered “healthy” might not have been so healthy for me? Just a little something to think about.

To be continued…


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